We’re not your average accounting and bookkeeping service.

Proper provides expert accounting and bookkeeping services to property managers, asset managers, and anyone in the world of property.

We’ve built AI and machine learning technology to superpower our team of Fortune 500 level financial specialists, enabling us to deliver more accurate, affordable, and efficient accounting and bookkeeping services for property.

Our Team

property management consultants Mark Rojas, CEO

Mark Rojas


A creative technologist with a love of building efficiency-enhancing products, Mark Rojas grew up in NY’s real estate scene. Since leading design and product at Shopular (backed by Sequoia), he’s gone back to his roots in real estate and his passion for automation.

property management consultants Matthew Wilson, Head of Finance & Sales

Matthew Wilson

Head of Finance & Sales

Top financial executive and economic expert Matthew Wilson joined Proper after working as a CPA with Big 4 accounting firms specializing in the real estate sector as well as Fortune 500 companies, including EY, PwC and EA.

property management consultants Joshua Alger, Director of Accounting Operations

Joshua Alger

Director of Accounting Operations

Process-driven CPA and expert accounting professional Joshua Alger spent years improving efficiencies and streamlining accounting processes at Big 4 and Fortune 500 companies, including EY and EA.

property management consultants Rob Griesmeyer, Head of Engineering

Rob Griesmeyer

Head of Engineering

Expert machine learning engineer and data scientist Rob Greismeyer specializes in leading engineering teams and AI integration. Upon its acquisition of Zite, Flipboard integrated the recommender system developed by Rob.

property management consultants Mathias Paumgarten, Head of Client

Mathias Paumgarten

Head of Client

Award-winning creative developer and former Google engineer Mathias Paumgarten is an expert in HCI. He joins Proper after working on such high-profile products as Google Earth and Think With Google.

Our Accountants

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond to deliver exceptional services, which is why we only hire former Fortune 500 or Big 4 accountants.

We’re able to attract such high-level talent because of the technology we’ve created that automates numerous menial tasks. This saves them time, but it also creates space for strategic thought partnership; these passionate folks do more than just crunch numbers - they help you find opportunities to save time, save money, and make improvements to the way you do business.

Our Customers

property management consultants Elly Nesis, Los Angeles, CA

Elly N., Los Angeles, CA

1,000 Units

From months of back books, mistakes, and overpaying bookkeepers to a new seamless process, accurate books, and saving thousands of dollars every month.

What Proper is doing took me three people - full time. I’m saving about $8,000 per month, and it’s made my life a lot easier.

Read Elly's customer case study.
property management consultants Lindsey Blackburn, ROG Coastal

Lindsey B., Summerville, SC

200 Units

Leaving fear and confusion behind for the support, confidence and time needed to grow a property management business.

Working with Proper has been wonderful because I have the comfort level of knowing my books are being done right.

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