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Getting started with Proper

Our onboarding process is joyfully designed to ensure an easy, seamless transition for you. Together, we’ll establish systems and processes that work best for you and your unique portfolio. Here’s how we do it:

Understanding + Inventory

We’ll ask about your existing processes and controls, your team, the status of any accounting and reconciliation backlogs, and (perhaps most importantly) what success looks like to you.

Granting Access + Defining Roles

We’ll request access to your banking and accounting software and any relevant tools in connection with your cash receipts, disbursements, and closing processes. You’ll begin forwarding invoices to us to handle, and you’ll designate one person on your internal team to interface with your team at Proper.

Accounts Payable + Receivable

We’ll address any questions we may have with you before our team begins handling your AP, AR, and recording processes.

Reporting + Planning

We’ll review deliverables from previous months and develop a timetable and expectations for all reconciliations, reports, and month-end processes.

Refinement + Progress

Time to review refine all processes, and schedule our recurring team meetings at a pace that feels good to everyone.

Reconciliations + Reporting

Together we’ll walk through your first month of reconciliations and reporting!

Planning for a Happy Future

We’ll chat with you to make sure we have been meeting (or exceeding!) your expectations. We’ll get super clear on your unique pricing plan moving forward, and make sure you feel completely confident in your new team at Proper :)